What Happens To Bullies When They Grow Up

Bullying is something that just continues to thrive and it’s utterly disturbing to me.

To all those BULLY’S – Treating others with respect is a good thing and the RIGHT thing to do. Just because you have low self esteem issues with life and within yourself, doesn’t give you the right to tease, bully, hurt, ridicule, anyone just because their not pretty, or are fat, or are a nerd, or just different. They are who they are inside and out.

This is What Happens To Bullies When They Grow UP

Shoutout to Karma!!



*** For those that have been bullied STAY STRONG, and know your future will be bright. The best advice I can give to those that are being bullied is NEVER BE AFRAID TO TELL ON A BULLY. Tell your parents, tell a teacher, or tell the authorities. YOU aren’t doing anything wrong by doing so. As a matter of fact, you’re changing the course of how positive your life will become, and you’d be helping all those getting bullied by that individual or individuals****

When YOLO Goes Wrong!

Hey Y’all

I saw this joke hovering around the internet and thought it would make a good video. Hope you can enjoy the humor and the message.

Yes the saying is true,
You only live once, BUT, being a dumb ass lasts forever.
Please practice safe sex!

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Hey Curlfriends,

With so many naturals on YouTube with long hair, and of course, the major companies, milking the natural hair emergence, constantly advertising and showing long hair naturals, it’s no wonder the focus for many naturals is length.

When I first started my natural hair journey, I was all about the length and that was my focus. What products should I use, styles I should wear, and so on. When my hair wasn’t growing as fast as I thought it should, I became frustrated and a couple of times though about just going back to a relaxer and calling it a day. That the natural hair journey wasn’t for me.

Then I realized I was looking at this the wrong way. Yes, I wanted natural long hair but, I should be more concerned and focused on the health of my hair. Believe me, your hair will grow. Just accept what your hair has in store for you as long as you’re taking care of it and keeping it healthy.

Naturally us!! XoXo

Naturally us!! XoXo

Wanting to obtain longer natural hair is a great way to motivate your natural hair journey. It shouldn’t be THE top motivational factor in your natural hair journey. Having healthy hair and understanding how to maintain healthy natural hair, in my opinion, should be the most important.

I want you to think about it like this….

When someone is on the road to losing weight, the healthy way, they change their daily eating habits. They exercise. Everyday is one step at a time. Their focus is being healthy. By them focusing on changing their eating and exercise habits, they will lose weight. We know, not everyones body type or shape is the same, therefore, the results of one person losing weight will not be the results of another person losing weight.

This is the same with your hair.


Finger detangling on 4b/4c hair is a great way to lessen the breakage and shedding, and helps to preserve healthier hair strands.

Your genetics are YOUR genetics. You can’t change that. So embrace what your natural hair journey has in store for you. Focus on the health and condition of your natural tresses. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

FYI – I watch so many of my natural “Curlfriends” videos on YouTube to learn what works, what doesn’t work, techniques and overall to support and embrace the change. We CURLY GIRLS are making a statement to the world. That it’s ok to BE NATURAL. That wearing your natural hair out in publicis BEAUTIFUL, and that BEAUTY IS what you make it.


Happy HEALTHY Hair Journey

Your Curlfriend,

XoXo – Tee

No Make Up! No Filter! Beauty is Confidence. Beauty IS......!!! -XoXo - Tee

No Make Up! No Filter! Beauty is Confidence. Beauty IS……!!! -XoXo – Tee

Beauty Is Natural! XoXo -Tee

Beauty Is Natural! XoXo -Tee



What are some of your natural hair tips? Share and Tell with us in the comment section below!


This is just a quick blog that I wanted to get your opinion on what I notice about Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube.

I notice the ‘LIKE’ Status ratio to ‘COMMENT’ ratio here on Facebook for most folks is by far HUGELY DIFFERENT!

If your going to take the time to click the ‘Like’ button and not ‘Comment’, does that mean your just clicking the like button and don’t have much to say about it, or are you shy, or just have a twitchy finger that clicks LIKE buttons.

I especially noticed this on Facebook and Youtube.

Honestly, i would like to see a site structure that if your going to LIKE something you have to comment. Believe me the person writing that vlog or shooting that video appreciates your like but hearing some feedback or encouragement makes a HUGE difference. Remember a LITTLE love goes a LONG way.

Do you believe most folks that like a status are afraid to comment or what? WHAT’s THE DEAL HOMEBOYS& GIRLS?