Getting Closer To That Cup Of Chowder for the Boston Bruins

I’m just finished up in the office doing promotional work for the band SanzEnd. Now it’s time for a glass of crisp white wine, write on my blog and get ready for Game 4 of the Boston vs. Chicago Stanley Cup Finals.


For all my fellow Boston Fan, I know I can’t be the only one that has been on the edge of her seat during the Boston Bruins Playfoff series. It’s like no matter how pissed off I get at the Bruins Claude Julien, I end up gaining more respect for him as the Playoffs continue. Why? DUH….it’s because of his mad genius of line work the Bruins are coming up with Wins. I’m saying this as I’m knocking on wood. I don’t want to Jinx my boys.

Living here in Boston and being surrounded by my fellow SUPER sports fans is so thrilling.

Time to order the pizza and get ready for the Rumble. Go B’ssss.
Even my dog Lexi is a Bruins Super Fan. She’s certainly ready for a new hat.