Grammy Nominee’s Honorable Mention

Producer of my debut self-titled EP “TANADRA” Arun Shenoy, is featured on 


The GRAMMYs website for his latest brilliant track “Bliss”. The first single off of his Indian Fushion Project, and your not gonna believe who he gave an honorable mention in his write up. Check it out on my website. Click the link –


Cambridge Dance Party

What an amazing night to be out in the beautiful city, Cambridge MA. My boyfriend and I decided to go check out our friends band at a cool spot called CanTab Lounge last night.
When we arrived in Cambridge it was packed with people everywhere. We had no idea what
was going on but when we finally found parking, about .5 miles from our destination, we were excitedly walking through all the amazing-mess of people dancing and having a good time. The event was called “The Cambridge, MA Dance Party”.

Needless to say, I busted out my camera and starting taking photos before I got my booty shaking on as we strolled through the massive crowds of happy dancing people everywhere to get to our destination to enjoy some live music.

Love being a Bostonian.







Summertime Mini Music Playlist

For some reason music has it’s seasonal moments just like…well….the four seasons.

I’ve devised a RoyalTee’s Mini Summer Playlist. My taste is so broad I probably have something for everyone in my mini list.  I’ve even added music from my band TANADRA. It’s only right! 🙂

Hope you enjoy and please if you have songs that seem to be on a heavier rotation on your player in the summer, share it! Sharing is caring. Oh yes,  the first song on the play is my band’s latest release.

I’ve added a YouTube video of the audio of ‘Release You’ below.

Mini List from the Spotify Playlist -You’ll have to add Spotify to play this list. Click the List to Listen.