Back To The Future Fashion

Summer, Fashion, and Trends.

Now I love fashion as much as the next Fashionista. The only thing is I’m not too hard core on what’s the latest trends. I have to say some of the LATEST trends are not my cup of TEE.

I do like to mix and match the new with the old sometimes.  I guess it really all comes down to how I’m feeling about my body that week.

I was at H&M the other day and I LOVE H&M! Initially, I was just going in for some accessories. There’s just something about the layout of H&M that just gets you hooked on buying more than you plan on buying. It’s sort of like doing your grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

So anyway I bought these really cute colorful shorts and this SEXY throwback to the 60’s bathing suit above.

The funny thing is I didn’t get the accessories I went in to get. Oh well. I’m going back next week.  Let’s see what happens then.