What Happens To Bullies When They Grow Up

Bullying is something that just continues to thrive and it’s utterly disturbing to me.

To all those BULLY’S – Treating others with respect is a good thing and the RIGHT thing to do. Just because you have low self esteem issues with life and within yourself, doesn’t give you the right to tease, bully, hurt, ridicule, anyone just because their not pretty, or are fat, or are a nerd, or just different. They are who they are inside and out.

This is What Happens To Bullies When They Grow UP

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*** For those that have been bullied STAY STRONG, and know your future will be bright. The best advice I can give to those that are being bullied is NEVER BE AFRAID TO TELL ON A BULLY. Tell your parents, tell a teacher, or tell the authorities. YOU aren’t doing anything wrong by doing so. As a matter of fact, you’re changing the course of how positive your life will become, and you’d be helping all those getting bullied by that individual or individuals****

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY: It’s The Thought That Counts

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Yes I’m always having fun in my videos but there’s a message here. It’s basically….”It’s The Thought That Counts!” There that should help get all those that HONESTLY forgot about Valentine’s Day and waited til the last minute with nothing to give their significant other. Just saying’….Oh just watch, Share if you smiled, and ENJOY!

When YOLO Goes Wrong!

Hey Y’all

I saw this joke hovering around the internet and thought it would make a good video. Hope you can enjoy the humor and the message.

Yes the saying is true,
You only live once, BUT, being a dumb ass lasts forever.
Please practice safe sex!

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How To Keep The Spark in Your Relationship

Being in a long term relationship isn’t easy. It should be, but it isn’t.  I mean you love each other,  you live together, you may have even had some children together. So why does that spark and passion you felt for each other in the beginning of your relationship, feel like it’s burning out? I’ve been together with my boyfriend for over 5 yrs and we’ve had our ups and downs, no one’s perfect, but the flame is still burning.

Well here’s some advice you and your significant other can try and enjoy.

Are You Are A Sore Loser?

One of my favorite old game (in my book) is Street Fighter. I’m pretty bad ass with Chun-Li and Baraka. Pretty damn lethal. Playing my friend can be a REAL Broadway Show. Especially if he loses to a girl in front of his friends. I swear we should videotape those natural SORE LOSER reactions and put together a SORE LOSER compilation video and post that motherfu*ker on YouTube. I LOVE playing guys that think just because I’m a girl I’ll lose.

So after watching the video are you a sore loser?
How would you deal with a sore loser?

Playing A Video Game Does Help You Lose Weight

Never underestimate the power of the video game. I smelled like pure workout sweat. A Sweaty Sweat Monster of pureness. The exercises are “Get Your Sexy Ass into those amazing jeans that make your ass look amazing” work out routines. You gotta see how I handled that skate board and, I was running so fast I could have taken Usain Bolt on during the olympic games. Now you can
put your sexy face on when you go to the gym. After a great workout you should look forward to being a Sweaty Sweat Monster, Protein Shakes and one step closer to getting into those favorite jeans.

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