HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY: It’s The Thought That Counts

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Yes I’m always having fun in my videos but there’s a message here. It’s basically….”It’s The Thought That Counts!” There that should help get all those that HONESTLY forgot about Valentine’s Day and waited til the last minute with nothing to give their significant other. Just saying’….Oh just watch, Share if you smiled, and ENJOY!


When YOLO Goes Wrong!

Hey Y’all

I saw this joke hovering around the internet and thought it would make a good video. Hope you can enjoy the humor and the message.

Yes the saying is true,
You only live once, BUT, being a dumb ass lasts forever.
Please practice safe sex!

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How To Keep The Spark in Your Relationship

Being in a long term relationship isn’t easy. It should be, but it isn’t.  I mean you love each other,  you live together, you may have even had some children together. So why does that spark and passion you felt for each other in the beginning of your relationship, feel like it’s burning out? I’ve been together with my boyfriend for over 5 yrs and we’ve had our ups and downs, no one’s perfect, but the flame is still burning.

Well here’s some advice you and your significant other can try and enjoy.

The Perfect Guy Exists! So Where Is He?

Where is that Perfect man hiding?


Women all over the world have asked this question at just about every girls night out.  It’s a valid question.

Now, the only true answer to that question is HOLLYWOOD movies. Hollywood gives the world that hope that the perfect guy that’s portrayed in the movies, is out there somewhere in the real world. That dreamy fairy-tale-esque guy that we compare just about every guy we go out on a date with.  No one’s perfect, and to be honest, as we age from girls to young women, from young women to mature women, and from mature women to old women our tastes in guys change.


In my opinion the perfect man is that man you met when you were young. You married that man, and have been together with him until the end of your days.  Shall I pinch you now or later. Let’s be honest, in this day and age, that type of relationship is rarer than a black president.

My best advice to finding your perfect man is:

Don’t obsess over him.

Don’t call him, let him call you.  If he’s interested he’ll call if not he won’t, then you just saved yourself a headache.

Give him some breathing room. He’s got a life too ya know.

Don’t come off as being too available. Available in the sense that you look desperate . 

Finally, chill out. Let him tell you about his life and likes and so on. 

Oh and the best advice I can give to you guys is think for yourself and don’t let your friends dictate your love life. 


Ladies if you have the perfect guy already, or have some good ideas on how we can get that perfect guy, share some of your tips. Don’t be stingy. 

Appreciation Seems To Be Getting Lost!

I am starting to notice a huge trend in the lack of appreciation within today’s generation. It’s like it’s becoming the world of spoiled brats.

Here’s a funny spin, but of course some very real tidbits on NOT forgetting about APPRECIATION.

Confident Going Out Naked

Oh I bet you thought from the title, I meant, as in my naked body. Silly! I might be perfectly imperfect, but I’m not crazy.


I’ve been noticing that with the natural and organic products of Juice Beauty I’ve been using lately on my face as my day/night regimen, have made my skin look brighter, tighter, and given my skin a radiant glow.
I’m using less and less make up, and most days, going out with a bare naked face.


The product line again is by Juice Beauty. Organic and natural ingredients.


No, I’m not getting paid by the company to say this. I just found that with my combination skin, this product has transformed my face texture and elasticity. I would definitely call myself a product junkie and finding the right products for my skin has been a journey. I never had bad skin but being on the stage performing with my rock band and these humid summer days have caused my skin to feel very porous and dry in spots.

Started using Juice Beauty about 2 months ago and I’ll be sticking with this product for sure.


I will say it is some what pricey, but the size bottles you see here will last you a little while.
The cool thing is they do have a trial size package to try out the products before getting the bigger bottles. Runs about $29.50 for that.

I get them at Whole Foods but they do have a website where you buy from them directly. http://www.juicebeauty.com

So there ya have it. If you decide to try it, or have tried it before let me know in the comment section below what your thoughts have been about the Juice Beauty Organic products.


Oh yes and make sure you’re drinking tons of water and have a nutritious diet. That truly helps in making sure your taking care of your body from both the outside and inside.

Naked Face!


How To Fix Your Bad Memory

I find that’s have so much in my. Mind lately that I’m becoming more forgetful a ever.

Does this happen to you and If so what are your tips or solutions to remembering things?
Leave it in the comment section below

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