Revive Any Room! How To Paint Furniture

After moving into my new place I wanted to bring some life to my bedroom. So after getting some vintage end tables from a family member, I liked the old vintage look of them but boy did they need a makeover to fit with decor that I was going for. So I decided to paint them to make them feel right at home and revive my dark bedroom. All you need is some paint, sandpaper, imagination. Hope this video gives you some great furniture makeover ideas. Definitely give it a try if you in the mood to revive a room in your house or apartment.


2 thoughts on “Revive Any Room! How To Paint Furniture

  1. Your table looks great! But if you want to avoid having to sandpaper, you could try using “no prep” chalk paint by Annie Sloan, if you can get hold of it in the US. Its so easy to use, just wipe down with sugar soap and paint and the finish looks great

    • Thank you! The problem is chalk paint can be pretty expensive. So the cost saving method of Sanding then painting with paint and primer seems a bit more within budget. Might require a little more work but it’s worth it. I have to look a littlest peri not chalk pain. I know Annie Sloan specializes in chalk paint but I believe distribution is int he UK. Thanks for the tip.

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