I’ve been hitting the gym and working out more frequently recently. I’ve committed my self to a challenge. I publicly challenged myself to my 2,000 + followers on a social networking site called Keek. For the next 30 days, I’m going to be posting a video EVERY DAY of me doing some forms of workout on Keek, kicking off my bikini body goal. The first 30 days are always the hardest. So why grab some motivation from all angles. Let me tell you,  my awesome followers have been great motivator,s commenting and liking the videos.

Having such a busy schedule recently and including working out, this curly natural haired girl needed a style that could last for about a week, maintain moisture, and require low manipulation. So I decided to go with a wash and go.  For those reading this that aren’t familiar with a wash and go, it’s exactly as it sounds. You wash your hair then apply gel and go.

Now of course every Curly Natural Hair girl has different textures and therefore some Curly to Kinky Natural Hair need a bit more maintenance and products to achieve the best possible Wash and Go!

Type 4 Hair Textures Wash and Go Day 1..Defined Curl Pattern

Type 4 Hair Textures Wash and Go Day 1..Defined Curl Pattern

I first tried a wash and go using a product called Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Although, my hair was soft it left my hair in more of an afro curl like state. Not a bad style but wasn’t the style I was going for.

Wash and Go

I then tried using a method of rinsing my conditioner out of my hair, applying my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, then applied Eco Styler Get Olive Oil Formula Level 10 Hold. It seemed to give me the right texture , but, I didn’t sit under a hair dryer nor used a diffuser and there fore just air dried my hair. I had defined curls but seemed hard and because the Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie had dried white underneath the gel and it being winter, it left my hair flakey.

So through my trial and errors in finding awash and go that worked for me, I stumbled upon a wash and go recipe that made my curls look and stay defined from day 1

Products used for my Best Defined Wash and Go.

Products used for my Best Defined Wash and Go.


– I deep conditioning treatment to my hair using my homemade deep conditioning treatment and method.

– Once I let that sit in my hair for 45 – hour, I hit the shower rinsing out the deep conditioner.

– Then I used Nubian Heritage – Indian Hemp and Tamanu Growth and Strengthen Treatment Mask as my leave in conditioner. I then followed that with an oil rinse using my homemade hair oil.

– Then I applied the Eco Styler Get w/Olive Oil to my hair.

– Gave my hair a good shake

– Using my regular blow dryer ( I would recommend getting a diffuser if you don’t have a hooded drier – takes less time to dry and doesn’t tire your arms out) I held the blow dryer about a foot away from my head, put the setting on warm and the blower on low.

– I wanted to dry my hair to about 50% and not disturb the curl pattern .

– I’ve done this several times and really enjoy the results.

On day one, once it dried, the curls did feel a bit stiff, but, on day 2 ,when I refresh my curls with a little water and coconut oil, that stiffness started to soften a bit.

I’ll be posting videos on my second channel INSPIRED BY TEE on YouTube showing  my techniques and different recipes.  So please go subscribe! I know there are tons of videos on Youtube already, but, the one thing I’ve learned watching my fellow natural hair’d sisters is that we all have something different about our hair and by learning as much as you can from the various hair types, products and methods you can find out what best works for you.
My hair type is a mixture of 4b/4c and being very active, working out, I also, do outdoor activities from skiing, to hiking and tennis, I needed to find methods and products that could brave through my active lifestyle and still give me the moisture maintained, growth and healthy natural hair that want to accomplish.

I hope this helps some of my amazing curly natural hair sisters, especially those with similar hair types as mine and perhaps as active in life as well.

4b/4c texture Wash and Go Day 5.

4b/4c texture Wash and Go Day 5.

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