Scary Movie & Home Alone Don’t Mix

I am such a horror movie lover. I know there a ton of bad horror flicks and I’ve probable seen them all.
I usually watch horror films with someone. It’s a know fact that I get freaked out watching them by myself at night. So, what did I do last night? Yes you guessed it. I watched a horror flick by myself.

Scrolling through the movies I saw they had Paranormal 3 and I didn’t see that one. I figured what the hell.
I was completely fine at first, bu all that paranormal suspense left me totally scared. So going to bed that evening was a toss and turn one.
Then, when my dog Lexi barked it freaked me out. She was barking at my neighbor coming home but I associated her barking with something paranormal like. Just me being freaked out by that movie. I’m totally fine now and thinking about it now the movie Paranormal 3 wasn’t that good and the acting was terrible.

Knowing me, at some point, I’ll probably scroll through Netflix again, find another horror flick, and scare myself to sleep.




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