The Perfect Guy Exists! So Where Is He?

Where is that Perfect man hiding?


Women all over the world have asked this question at just about every girls night out.  It’s a valid question.

Now, the only true answer to that question is HOLLYWOOD movies. Hollywood gives the world that hope that the perfect guy that’s portrayed in the movies, is out there somewhere in the real world. That dreamy fairy-tale-esque guy that we compare just about every guy we go out on a date with.  No one’s perfect, and to be honest, as we age from girls to young women, from young women to mature women, and from mature women to old women our tastes in guys change.


In my opinion the perfect man is that man you met when you were young. You married that man, and have been together with him until the end of your days.  Shall I pinch you now or later. Let’s be honest, in this day and age, that type of relationship is rarer than a black president.

My best advice to finding your perfect man is:

Don’t obsess over him.

Don’t call him, let him call you.  If he’s interested he’ll call if not he won’t, then you just saved yourself a headache.

Give him some breathing room. He’s got a life too ya know.

Don’t come off as being too available. Available in the sense that you look desperate . 

Finally, chill out. Let him tell you about his life and likes and so on. 

Oh and the best advice I can give to you guys is think for yourself and don’t let your friends dictate your love life. 


Ladies if you have the perfect guy already, or have some good ideas on how we can get that perfect guy, share some of your tips. Don’t be stingy. 

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