Grilling is Good



I’ve been dying to get a grill for the new place in Boston, since we moved in this place in February. I’ve just been to busy, and quite frankly, good grills are expensive.
I wanted a grill that was small, but big enough to look decent in my backyard. The good thing about waiting until now is it’s getting close to the end of the summer season. Grills in many stores are going on sale. So being busy and not actually having one for this summer didn’t really bother me as much. I’m enjoying getting to know my all new neighbors and I’m looking forward to inviting them over for some grilling and drinks.

Today was the perfect day to break the new grill in. It was 79 degrees with a warm sunnily breeze. I had my Black Keys, Gaslight Anthem, and Kings of Leon album blasting in the background, and some good food on the menu.

Grilled some eggplant and zucchini. Had some chicken thighs marinated in barbecue sauce and cracked open my Reserved Martha’s Vineyard Malbec wine.


David’s Going to throw some steaks on tomorrow and I’ll try for the first time grilling fresh corn. I’m sure I’ll be posting the results.
Hope your having an awesome weekend .
The best part is David loves grilling, so although, I love to cook and try new dishes, it looks like with this new grill, I’ll get to hang up my oven mitts more often. We’ll be using our grill throughout the winter I’m sure.

So YAY! Here’s to the new addition to the family. I guess I’ll have to think of a name for it.




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