Take Me Out To The Ball Game

There are two reason,s this year, I’m loving the Boston Red Sox. One I love the Red Sox and two their in first place as of now in the American League East division. Woo yeah!

The Green Monster, the fun name given to Fenway Park, has such a warm enclosure. You ready for this, I’ve never been to The Green Monster, except, for the outside.

I’ve been to several Boston Bruins games, a Patriots game, and many other sporting events, just not a Red Sox game. Not yet anyway.

I was in Boston doing some shopping and on my way back home i decided to drive past the venue I’ll be playing a show in with my band on September 27th called Copperfield’s and wouldn’t you know it, it’s right around the corner from Fenway Park. So I snapped a few shot of The Green Monster.

I will be attending a game at some point this year and I’ll be taking snap shots from the inside.






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