A Movie Theatre Ticket Worth The Money

Having such crazy busy schedules David and I make sure to at least have 1 night a week we call date night. So last night was date night for us.
We decided to go to the movies. Normally, we don’t like having to pay such high prices for a movie ticket, so we tend to find theaters that have the movie we want to see but for a cheaper price. We found this quaint movie theater in Arlington, MA called, The Capitol.

When my boyfriend told me they served wine there It certainly caught was interested. Yes, I like having a glass of wine and some movie snacks, while watching a movie and most places don’t accommodate.



I will say that the price of the movie ticket was just like any Mega Theater. Well, maybe, $1.00 less. Let me partially correct what I stated earlier about not liking to pay high prices for a movie ticket. We don’t mind paying those higher priced movie theatre tickets, if it’s a movie theater that has some history behind it or has a vintage style theme with high recommendations. You know, smaller mom and pop style theaters where you can tell they care about the venue and the patrons that attend, and it shows. Just like this awesome drive-in movie theater we went to a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome.

I really loved the warm cozy feeling at The Captiol. The dynamic of the crowd and the employees were very friendly. The popcorn was excellent. The seats were comfortable, The only thing I didn’t enjoy was my wine being served in a cheap plastic cup. I don’t care what you tell me, even an expensive excellent flavored red wine will taste like crap in a plastic cup. I completely understand that using real wine glasses in a movie theater could be hazardous. They should at least invest in those plastic wine glasses. Give the illusion. Who knows maybe that whole placebo effect will kick in and trick your mind that drinking out of that plastic wine glass will do just fine. LoL.
Theses glasses are from <a href=”https://www.wallyspartyfactory.com/products/clear-plastic-wine-glasses-5-5oz-20ct/&#8221;Wally’s Party Factory and Home To House



We’re definitely going back and next time I think I’ll bring my own plastic wine glass.

Being a big fan of some of Quentin Tarantino’s work, we’ll most likely be attending the Tarantino extravaganza The Capitol has coming up.


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