Confident Going Out Naked

Oh I bet you thought from the title, I meant, as in my naked body. Silly! I might be perfectly imperfect, but I’m not crazy.


I’ve been noticing that with the natural and organic products of Juice Beauty I’ve been using lately on my face as my day/night regimen, have made my skin look brighter, tighter, and given my skin a radiant glow.
I’m using less and less make up, and most days, going out with a bare naked face.


The product line again is by Juice Beauty. Organic and natural ingredients.


No, I’m not getting paid by the company to say this. I just found that with my combination skin, this product has transformed my face texture and elasticity. I would definitely call myself a product junkie and finding the right products for my skin has been a journey. I never had bad skin but being on the stage performing with my rock band and these humid summer days have caused my skin to feel very porous and dry in spots.

Started using Juice Beauty about 2 months ago and I’ll be sticking with this product for sure.


I will say it is some what pricey, but the size bottles you see here will last you a little while.
The cool thing is they do have a trial size package to try out the products before getting the bigger bottles. Runs about $29.50 for that.

I get them at Whole Foods but they do have a website where you buy from them directly.

So there ya have it. If you decide to try it, or have tried it before let me know in the comment section below what your thoughts have been about the Juice Beauty Organic products.


Oh yes and make sure you’re drinking tons of water and have a nutritious diet. That truly helps in making sure your taking care of your body from both the outside and inside.

Naked Face!



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