A Mental Makeover

“Shhh, I hear something. Wait is someone there? Oh that’s just confidence finding it’s way to my front door. Hey you and welcome!”

Yes, since starting my “Getting Fit For Me” journey at the end June, I’ve noticed a drastic change. I’m not speaking about the physical, I’m talking about my mental. Yes, I have noticed some change in my body, and that does boost the confidence, but no where near drastic. I mean come on, it’s only been about a month and two weeks.
It’s a life changing journey. I’ve been eating much better and healthier. My work outs have been fun. I mix those up a bit. If I don’t have time to hit the gym I load up my favorites section on my YouTube channel, select my Fitness Blender workout and go to work.

So getting back to my confidence booster story. Last weekend I went to a rock club and decided I wanted to rock climb. There’s an amazing indoor rock climbing club not to far from me.


I went there with the mind set that I wasn’t going to be able to do much, but I wanted to at least try.
I was very surprised that I started climbing those rock walls and before I knew it I was doing some of their difficult walls. Needless to say, I had such a blast and I impressed some of the workers there with how fast i was taking those walls.


I plan on doing it every other weekend and doing some hiking over the next two weeks up some cool mountains on New Hampshire. Stay tuned for some photos of that hiking adventure soon.

I have to admit blogging my perfectly imperfect life and having people follow my blog and actually care and like what I’m blogging/vlogging about is also a big contribution to my life changing motivation.




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