Are You Are A Sore Loser?

One of my favorite old game (in my book) is Street Fighter. I’m pretty bad ass with Chun-Li and Baraka. Pretty damn lethal. Playing my friend can be a REAL Broadway Show. Especially if he loses to a girl in front of his friends. I swear we should videotape those natural SORE LOSER reactions and put together a SORE LOSER compilation video and post that motherfu*ker on YouTube. I LOVE playing guys that think just because I’m a girl I’ll lose.

So after watching the video are you a sore loser?
How would you deal with a sore loser?


Grammy Nominee’s Honorable Mention

Producer of my debut self-titled EP “TANADRA” Arun Shenoy, is featured on 


The GRAMMYs website for his latest brilliant track “Bliss”. The first single off of his Indian Fushion Project, and your not gonna believe who he gave an honorable mention in his write up. Check it out on my website. Click the link –

Confident Going Out Naked

Oh I bet you thought from the title, I meant, as in my naked body. Silly! I might be perfectly imperfect, but I’m not crazy.


I’ve been noticing that with the natural and organic products of Juice Beauty I’ve been using lately on my face as my day/night regimen, have made my skin look brighter, tighter, and given my skin a radiant glow.
I’m using less and less make up, and most days, going out with a bare naked face.


The product line again is by Juice Beauty. Organic and natural ingredients.


No, I’m not getting paid by the company to say this. I just found that with my combination skin, this product has transformed my face texture and elasticity. I would definitely call myself a product junkie and finding the right products for my skin has been a journey. I never had bad skin but being on the stage performing with my rock band and these humid summer days have caused my skin to feel very porous and dry in spots.

Started using Juice Beauty about 2 months ago and I’ll be sticking with this product for sure.


I will say it is some what pricey, but the size bottles you see here will last you a little while.
The cool thing is they do have a trial size package to try out the products before getting the bigger bottles. Runs about $29.50 for that.

I get them at Whole Foods but they do have a website where you buy from them directly.

So there ya have it. If you decide to try it, or have tried it before let me know in the comment section below what your thoughts have been about the Juice Beauty Organic products.


Oh yes and make sure you’re drinking tons of water and have a nutritious diet. That truly helps in making sure your taking care of your body from both the outside and inside.

Naked Face!


The Perfect Snack While Watching A Movie

I am such a movie freak, it’s not even funny.

The one thing I can’t do is watch movies without having a snack. Since I’m getting fit, popcorn is somewhat off the menu. So I decided to make kale chips and share the recipe for making a healthy snack, keeping you in fitness check.

I have to say they’re pretty good. I call it cooking in the kitchen with Tee. Of course you know I’m a comedian so cooking with me is a little different. Watch and check it out?

If you have any other healthy snack ideas please leave me some of those wonderful ideas in the comment section.

Sushi Night Out

This great little Japanese Steak House and sushi cuisine right by my house is awesome.
It’s not busy during the early evening and it makes me feel like a queen in her castle with her personal Japanese chefs.


Great opportunity for me to collect my thoughts after a crazy busy STRESSFUL day. I’m actually sitting at the bar, with my glass of vintage white wine, writing this blog post while waiting for my awesome food.

So what did I order!
Kani Salad
Smoked Salmon Sashimi
Crunchy Roll
And the one I ate before I thought about talking Photo – Yellowtail



After having a few pieces of that sashimi ( raw fish without the rice ), I’m feeling a bit warm and tingly inside. I’m thinking what “they” say about eating raw fish is true. “They” say that eating raw fish is an aphrodisiac food. It gets you in the mood. You know what I mean, and if you don’t, then you’re too young to understand. Lol!

Definitely have to say I LOVE and enjoy going out with my boyfriend and friends, but I enjoy going out by myself at times.

Finding this place was just what I needed. Now hopefully that awesome movie theatre that serves beer and wine and dinner works out just the same. We’ll see.

So what do you enjoy doing with your alone time?

Playing A Video Game Does Help You Lose Weight

Never underestimate the power of the video game. I smelled like pure workout sweat. A Sweaty Sweat Monster of pureness. The exercises are “Get Your Sexy Ass into those amazing jeans that make your ass look amazing” work out routines. You gotta see how I handled that skate board and, I was running so fast I could have taken Usain Bolt on during the olympic games. Now you can
put your sexy face on when you go to the gym. After a great workout you should look forward to being a Sweaty Sweat Monster, Protein Shakes and one step closer to getting into those favorite jeans.

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A Mental Makeover

“Shhh, I hear something. Wait is someone there? Oh that’s just confidence finding it’s way to my front door. Hey you and welcome!”

Yes, since starting my “Getting Fit For Me” journey at the end June, I’ve noticed a drastic change. I’m not speaking about the physical, I’m talking about my mental. Yes, I have noticed some change in my body, and that does boost the confidence, but no where near drastic. I mean come on, it’s only been about a month and two weeks.
It’s a life changing journey. I’ve been eating much better and healthier. My work outs have been fun. I mix those up a bit. If I don’t have time to hit the gym I load up my favorites section on my YouTube channel, select my Fitness Blender workout and go to work.

So getting back to my confidence booster story. Last weekend I went to a rock club and decided I wanted to rock climb. There’s an amazing indoor rock climbing club not to far from me.


I went there with the mind set that I wasn’t going to be able to do much, but I wanted to at least try.
I was very surprised that I started climbing those rock walls and before I knew it I was doing some of their difficult walls. Needless to say, I had such a blast and I impressed some of the workers there with how fast i was taking those walls.


I plan on doing it every other weekend and doing some hiking over the next two weeks up some cool mountains on New Hampshire. Stay tuned for some photos of that hiking adventure soon.

I have to admit blogging my perfectly imperfect life and having people follow my blog and actually care and like what I’m blogging/vlogging about is also a big contribution to my life changing motivation.