Good Ol’ Vacation in New Hampshire Pt. 2

I wanted to do a daily blog about my vacation in New Hampshire. Being that we don’t have Internet at our cabin in New Hampshire, I had to go to the town Internet hang out spot. I know, I know, at our camp in the woods, the family decided that living off of the lands is something that makes coming up here so great. It’s like a peaceful escape from all the bullsh*t, drama, and stresses that goes into this world.

It’s been so humid and so hot that the only thing I wanted to do was dive into the river and stay there. Swimming with the turtles and jumping on the trampoline raft.


We’re big into hiking and kayaking as well.



After finishing m y cup of coffee here at this awesome coffee shop with the spectacular water fall view. We’re going to go for a bike ride up some major hills. Let’s see how I do. It’s been a little cloudy today so that helps with the humidity and heat.

Wish me luck.






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