Good Ol’ Vacation in New Hampshire Pt. 1

While on my from my New York City apartment back to my Boston MA apartment, sitting on traffic gave me an idea. Why not blog about my trip up to my families camp in New Hampshire. We definitely have a great time inThe great outdoors. So… get ready because your coming on vacation with me.

Nothing starts a good road trip better than having your Venti Triple shot Latte from Starbucks.


So we packed up the Subaru and headed to from New York to our first pit stop Boston, MA. Nothin super exciting today except some awesome music to keep us groovin’ and of course a Subway up it stop. “Eat Fresh!”…..well me anyway. Going for the fitter lifestyle remember.


Tomorrow should be pretty cool if weather permits we’re heading to the water ark before hitting the mountains of NH.


Oh by the way here’s the other designated driver. She truly is woman’s best friend.


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