A Fitness Decision Worth Sharing

I randomly asked about 60 people at the gym over the course of a week and only 5 of those people thought about fitness the way I do. I’m motivated to get fit for my health and to look good for myself. The others all had separate motivation for getting fit. Now whatever the motivation, as long as your getting fit, that’s awesome. I personally feel if your getting fit to, catch a guy or a girl, or be the l Iife of the party, or to get into that wedding dress, or as most said, they wanted to look like the model they have on there refrigerator, that motivation in my opinion, eventually stops and the pounds come back.


I’ve decided that working out for me goes for as long as I live. I speak from experience. I used to be one of those motivated by whom I saw on TV, to turn heads, and those are all great benefits of getting fit but, I find that getting fit for myself is so much more permanent. I just found that because of my curvy body type, that I would never look look like that model I had my fridge. That just lead to me becoming unmotivated. So I embrace my curves and adopted “FIT FOR ME”.


I get excited to hit the gym and to go grocery shopping for recipes I find in my healthy eating cook books.


We all come in different shapes and sizes and so does forms of beauty. The bottom line is, once I
made the decision to get fit for me, the road ahead was so much clearer.

If you have any cool recipes or fitness tips, leave me a comment below. To have like minded folks on-line that think and feel the same, is like icing on the cake.


2 thoughts on “A Fitness Decision Worth Sharing

  1. Great attitude to have- for real. After working as a personal trainer for a few years, I couldn’t help notice that a lot of peoples’ fitness goals were very ‘outside themselves’. Having a personal drive for self improvement a drive for personal growth is an important factor in creating meaningful changes in all avenues of life, not just in fitness. Once you start comparing yourself to others, it’s no longer a ‘personal’ development.

    Keep it up, and super nice to hear such a refreshing, self-motivated drive to personal fitness. I write training and nutrition articles on my blog, Freeroam Fitness with then intention of providing information to motivated trainees! Hope they help.

    All the best,

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