A 1920’s Wedding

What a wonderful time I had at my very good friend and guitarist in my band SanzEnd wedding. Joe and his new bride Alyssa are just amazing people. They decided to have a 1920’s theme wedding. All the guests showed up in 1920’s attire. The wedding, the reception, and the After Party were amazing. Now I did have a couple drinks at the reception so I apologize for the fuzzy camera shots but I wanted to share with you my time at this amazing wedding. I am so happy to know both the groom and the bride and happy they invited me to share in their joyous day.


Me and Joe (groom)

David & Johan



Alyssa(bride) & her dad



Let’s Go Bruins!

Had the pleasure of attending a Boston Bruins home game. My fiance and I are huge Boston Bruins Fans. We just recently moved to Boston. He grew up in Massachusetts and is such a HUGE sports fan. I am too. I have to say, there is nothing like being at a hockey game. The energy and the atmosphere is just amazing and intense. Thank god the Bruins are rocking it out because the Celtics are seriously struggling to hold the energy at the TD Garden.

It’s Playoff time and the Bruins are looking good. Come on B’s hold it down. One more to close out the Rangers vs. Bruins series. LET’s GO BRUINS! GOOOOOOOOOO B’s