2013 Grammy Nominees (My Special Announcement)

I’m still blown away by the fact that my friend and producer of my debut self title EP Arun Shenoy (http://www.arunshenoy.com) is nominated for a Grammy Award. He will be walking the Red Carpet this Sunday Feb 10th at the Grammy’s.
He’s already in LA soaking up the vibes and has already met Yanni. Yanni actually asked for Arun’s autograph on a copy of his CD.

Arun and I broke into the rock music scene together. Working on various tracks to bring you a hard rock EP. My debut self titled EP TANADRA.

Arun’s amazing instrumental record titled Rumbadoodle (http://arunshenoy.com/product/arunshenoy-rumbadoodle/ ) is absolutely brilliant. He definitely has an ear for brilliant infusions of various musical elements.

I’m extremely proud of him and wish him all the best and hope he win’s the Grammy. It would truly be an inspiration to all the hard working passionate true indie artists out there fighting to make a name in a main stream dominated world of music.


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