Apple iWatch

We Apple Product Lovers and most of the world for that matter knows that Apple has been secretive in the past about new products or has tried to be. Rumors about what’s ahead usually originate in Asia from checks with Apple suppliers, but recent rumors about iWatch were a departure from the past.  They did not appear as usual in Asia but almost simultaneously in the New York Timesand The Wall Street Journal.  The information on iWatch in the two venerable publications came just before Apple CEO Tim Cook was to speak at Goldman Sachs Technology conference.

Here are a few iWatch design speculations below

The Guardian iWatch

The Guardian's iWatch Version

According to The Guardian this is what the iWatch will look like. Now, although the design seems very masculine and superhero wrist band like,  the concept does hit the nail on the head as far as the rumored features: Siri, Corning’s curved Willow Glass, health monitoring, and direct connectivity with other iOS devices.

They also mentions the possibility of a low-power Bluetooth system for charging that would be developed in collaboration with Intel. Last year it was rumored that Apple was working closely with Intel on a smartwatch.

ADR Studios

ADR Studios has churned out a few iWatch concepts over the last two years. While their latest concept doesn’t have a curved display, the device looks really good.

According to ADR, the iWatch would come stock with Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth, 32GB of internal storage, a FaceTime camera and various widgets for RSS and weather. The iWatch would be made out of polycarbonate, aluminum, Kevlar and PK2, so it’d pretty much be indestructible. Oh yeah, and supposedly it has a micro-projector on the side? Hmm….. The cartoon from the 80’s The Jetson’s was pretty spot on to some degree.


iWatch Galore

Iwatch like the nano design







The concept for the iWatch by ‘Just Design Things‘ borrows a lot from the sixth generation iPod nano and iPhone. The only button on the device is the power button on the right side. You can swap out the wrist band to whatever color you like. It also has a “body sensor” on the back to get fitness data on the user and help them be health.

It also has the standard features Siri, FaceTime, AirPlay, Nike+, Google Maps, and tons of other software features. It’s not a mind blowing concept, but the longer display and swappable wristbands seem pretty likely.

It still has a very masculine feel and seems bulky.

iWatch by Esben Oxholm
iWatch by Esben Oxholm

iWatch by Esben Oxholm

When Esben Oxholm created his recent iWatch concept he decided to make it as simple as possible. It features black metal and rubber wristband. The display is shiny while the body is matte. And it has the rumored curved display.

Oxholm’s concept is probably the closest to what the iWatch will actually look like, though I think Apple’s watch will be more oval in shape rather than a perfect circle. This concept almost looks like a bulked up Nike Fuelband, which isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Tim Cook sits on Nike’s board after all.



Overall I don’t know if any of these watch designs fit the criteria for what I believe is the Apple signature. I also feel that most of these designs and the other design speculations that I’ve scene are more on the masculine side, bulky, and no matter how colorful the wristbands are I don’t feel the ladies will gravitate towards this idea.

Again, whatever Apple has in store I’m sure it will be something that will appeal to the eyes of the true Mac follower.


QOTD: Out of the watches above, which one is your Favorite.

2013 Grammy Nominees (My Special Announcement)

I’m still blown away by the fact that my friend and producer of my debut self title EP Arun Shenoy ( is nominated for a Grammy Award. He will be walking the Red Carpet this Sunday Feb 10th at the Grammy’s.
He’s already in LA soaking up the vibes and has already met Yanni. Yanni actually asked for Arun’s autograph on a copy of his CD.

Arun and I broke into the rock music scene together. Working on various tracks to bring you a hard rock EP. My debut self titled EP TANADRA.

Arun’s amazing instrumental record titled Rumbadoodle ( ) is absolutely brilliant. He definitely has an ear for brilliant infusions of various musical elements.

I’m extremely proud of him and wish him all the best and hope he win’s the Grammy. It would truly be an inspiration to all the hard working passionate true indie artists out there fighting to make a name in a main stream dominated world of music.