An informative video on the weird but very IRONIES in Life. Now being the comedian that I am, of course I have to deliver this to you in a funny manner. That’s just me.
Warning: Watching this video may cause your brain to tingle. If your brain farts(literally) I recommend you go see someone to have that checked out. TEEHEE

So Much Ridiculousness!!

Happy New Year.

I can’t believe it’s already 2013. I feel like 2012 just got here. The saying “Time flies when your having fun” rings true. Although, in my case I would say “having fun” and “staying extremely busy” seemed to go hand and hand.

I was going through all the videos I made for Youtube on my computer. ¬†Watching them all back to back, ¬†I see just how ridiculous but awesome I was. So I put together this montage of 2012. I had a wonderful year in 2012. I hope you did and if you didn’t well at least watch my montage and laugh your eyes out.

May all of you who made those things called resolutions. STICK WITH THEM. I’m sure most of you make good resolutions and goals to work towards.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may the force be with you!

MY 2012 REWIND Montage