Is the iPad Mini Really Lighter in Weight Than The iPads?

Is the iPad Mini really lighter in weight than the iPad? The answer to that is Yes. How do I know? I recently went into an Apple store and did a comparison. It was substantially lighter in weight than any of the iPads. The folks that were standing around the iPad mini table were all saying the same thing, “Oh wow, it’s so light!” Not surprising, there were more  little kids ( 7-15) handling the iPad mini than adults.

iPad Mini and true TINY but MIGHTY piece of Awesomeness.

Funny thing, you wouldn’t get that from the Apple commercials that they’ve been running. Other than the fact that they tell you that it weight lighter.  The three TV ads that Apple has launched for the iPad mini’s don’t show much in true comparison to weight and feel. They focus more attention on Piano, Photos and Books. The commercials show that there isn’t much difference in quality just because the mini is small. They are definitely great ads but I feel they miss the mark on a BIG part of what makes the mini so AMAZING. The light weight feel. Here are the ads that Apple have been running – APPLE COMMERCIALS

You tell me if you can tell the true difference in weight and feel from these advertisements.
My only other complaint is that they don’t seem to ever have enough supply and that there is always a waiting list. Other than the Apple Mini is an amazing product and if I didn’t already have the iPad 2, 3,  and the 4th Generation I already have a mini.

If you have a mini or plan on getting one, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the products.

Here’s my collection of Apple products so far, yes I am an APPLEAHOLIC.

I just love Apple products. Can’t you Tell


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