Apple iOS and Furbies?

The new, yet old Toy craze at the moment are these creative creatures called Furby.  These interesting toys have been around since 1998 invented by David Hampton.

Furby gets a Reboot.

Back in the late 90’s these toys went for hundreds of dollars. If you were to look at them they have a STRONG striking resemblance to Gizmo from the Gremlins and Yoda from Star Wars. Novel Furbies were also released, including an interactive Furby-like “Gizmo”, from the film Gremlins, a Furby-like “Interactive Yoda” based on the Star Wars character.

What I find neat about these Furby’s are the realistic “intelligence” of these toys. A newly purchased Furby starts out speaking entirely Furbish, the unique language that all Furbies use, but is programmed to start using English words and phrases in place of Furbish over time. This process is intended to resemble the process of learning English. Pretty DAMN awesome.

They come in various colors and moods and a new Furby was released in the fall of 2012. It has more expressive LCD eyes, a wider range of motions, its own iOS app, and the ability to adapt its personality in reaction to user behavior. The on-off switch is replaced with a reset button; the 2012 Furby turns itself off after one minute of inactivity. The new model exhibits features of the classic Furbies as well as the Emoto-Tronic Furbies. Oh and did I mention through your furby app you can feed, make him dance, and so many other things. 

My advice is if you planning on getting one for your child or children or even one for yourself, get it now. The closer it gets to Christmas, I believe, the harder it will be for you to find one.

Have a Dah/a-loh/u-ty – means have a good morning in Furbish.

Is the iPad Mini Really Lighter in Weight Than The iPads?

Is the iPad Mini really lighter in weight than the iPad? The answer to that is Yes. How do I know? I recently went into an Apple store and did a comparison. It was substantially lighter in weight than any of the iPads. The folks that were standing around the iPad mini table were all saying the same thing, “Oh wow, it’s so light!” Not surprising, there were more  little kids ( 7-15) handling the iPad mini than adults.

iPad Mini and true TINY but MIGHTY piece of Awesomeness.

Funny thing, you wouldn’t get that from the Apple commercials that they’ve been running. Other than the fact that they tell you that it weight lighter.  The three TV ads that Apple has launched for the iPad mini’s don’t show much in true comparison to weight and feel. They focus more attention on Piano, Photos and Books. The commercials show that there isn’t much difference in quality just because the mini is small. They are definitely great ads but I feel they miss the mark on a BIG part of what makes the mini so AMAZING. The light weight feel. Here are the ads that Apple have been running – APPLE COMMERCIALS

You tell me if you can tell the true difference in weight and feel from these advertisements.
My only other complaint is that they don’t seem to ever have enough supply and that there is always a waiting list. Other than the Apple Mini is an amazing product and if I didn’t already have the iPad 2, 3,  and the 4th Generation I already have a mini.

If you have a mini or plan on getting one, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the products.

Here’s my collection of Apple products so far, yes I am an APPLEAHOLIC.

I just love Apple products. Can’t you Tell


Disney Buying Lucas Films Could be a Good Thing

WTF? Disney bought Lucas Films (Creator of the Star Wars Franchise) for 4 Billion Dollars. On top of that Disney is planning a Star Wars 7 release in 2015 and supposedly an 8 & 9 over the course of several years after.

In my opinion, and EVERYONE is entitled to their own, GOOD FOR THEM! Just like most Star Wars fans, when I heard about this buyout, I thought it was a very bad dream. Then it hit me, if George Lucas was no longer in charge of Lucas Films, then he couldn’t bully and disease the ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy ever again.  Now that’s a huge bonus.  I’m not discrediting George Lucas as a person because he really did a fantastic job at making me believe I only knew part of the story. Not to mention he did create Star Wars. We all know that George was on a Star Wars path of DESTRUCTION.

If you do a quick google search on Star Wars and the changes made, you’ll see that good Ol’ curious George has been altering the classics since their initial release. If you recall, Lucas adopted “The Special Edition” films (which by the way also keep changing) as the OFFICIAL Star Wars Originals. To top it off he went crazy, like a kid in a candy store on the CRAPPY CGI effects.

The one thing I can say about Disney, is that, although, they are a money making machine motivated by profit, they certainly maintain the authenticity  of their classic films. Why? They realize there GIGANTIC audience of consumers love the timeless greats to stay exactly that, TIMELESS (just the way they are). 

That being said, there could very well be hope that Disney will once again make the ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy available, removing all the crap added in by the Special Edition.

Honestly now, could Disney really do a worse job than George Lucas and those shitty prequels.

Disney does own Marvel and also they are the Juggernaut of animation with Pixar under their belt. They may actually do an Fantastic job on Star Wars 7.

What’s done is done. I just want Disney to show some major respect to this timeless classic and give the ENDLESS fans a sign of hope for the Star Wars legacy.