Hurricane Sandy Unleashed in NYC

Batter Park Tunnel Flooding

Waking up early Monday morning here in New York City (NYC) and expected to hear tons of wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy. It was pretty quiet. So I was thinking that perhaps the storm might not be as bad as the weather channel was making it out to be.

Later Monday afternoon the winds started to pick up and it already looked like the water was getting higher in the Harlem River. My first reaction was “Oh we are in for it now.”

The winds from that point on gradually got stronger and stronger and then the rain hit. It was from that point on that Hurricane Sandy started to unleash her power.

Here are some photos of Midtown and Lower Manhattan New York City.

The walkway at Battery Park. Fully submerged underwater.

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan During Hurricane Sandy

Lower Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy

Midtown Manhattan 34th and 1st ave

That being said from 40th street on down into lower Manhattan are now officially without power.

1/4 of Manhattan is without Power. So far it’s from 40th street Manhattan down to the Lower Parts of Manhattan.

I’ve been very fortunate enough to live in an area in NYC that we haven’t lost power and that we’re high enough to avoid the flooding. The damages that we have sustained here are trees down. It seems to have tapered off just a bit. The winds are still high and I expect there should be more damage.

I’m doing what I was told and staying indoors. Well….with the occasional having to take my doggie outside to use the bathroom. I knew I should have trained her to use the potty.

My prayers go out to the families that have lost power and are dealing with the grunt of the storm.

Apple’s Game Center Seems to be Malfunctioning Today

Now this very well could be just speculation but it seems Game Center is really acting up today. Folks are blaming the new HOT word game LETTERPRESS – Letterpress is a fairly new word game for iOS devices. It relies on Game Center’s connectivity that allows you to play against your friends, sending notifications as to whose turn is next while tracking leading scores. Letterpress may very well not be the only culprit in Game Center’s bugginess, but it’s certainly the focal point for some of Twitter’s most vocal gaming crowd.

iOS players have been taking to Twitter to voice concerns about Game Center breaking when attempting to play games, specifically Letterpress.

One player ever voiced his opinion on the apps official page. 

I’ve been playing around with Letterpress and Game Center today, and while I haven’t seen any error messages or crashes, I have experienced some lag between notifications for friend requests, turns (though not always), etc. Let me know if you’ve been experiencing anything similar.

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