So the New iPhone 5 has been officially released today, Thursday September 21, 2012. Folks everywhere, I’m sure, are going nuts to get their phone today. Well, the crazy-apple-obsessed-got-to-have-it -now-folks, are the ones going nuts.

I live in New York City. The “city that NEVER sleeps”. I was walking past the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave. two days ago and folks were already camping out in preparation to be one of the first to get the new iPhone 5. The PRESS was everywhere. It’s like a WAR ZONE.  It’s no wonder why Apple saves so much advertising dollars. The word of mouth is EXTRAORDINARY!

These folks look like total ‘PROFESSIONAL’ line waiters. The ones that get in line first to get concert tickets, iphones, book signings, and more. Kudos to them for their dedication and lack of showering for a couple days. Guess you get used to your own FUNKY smells after enough practice.

These folks were in line at the flagship Apple store on 5th Ave. in New York City TWO DAYS before the release of the new phone.

Apple really does have a KULT following. I have to admit I am a HUGE apple supporter and I use just about everything MAC. I’m not going to lie, I pre-ordered my iphone 5 the first day. I was eligible for an upgrade on my phone so why not. Since I’m a HUGE VLOGGER, having the full frontal HD camera and super fast LTE service is what got me on board right off the back.

Looking forward to getting my iPhone 5 later on today. I’m getting it in white! So excited. No lines and delivered to my doorstep. Wow, I feel like VIP for the first time. Teehee!

I plan on playing around with the iPhone 5 and REALLY digging into the hype of this phone to see if it was just that, HYPE.

I’ll be writing a BRUTALLY HONEST review on the phone in about a week or so.

What do you think about all this iPhone 5 hype? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to see what you think.

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