This is just a quick blog that I wanted to get your opinion on what I notice about Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube.

I notice the ‘LIKE’ Status ratio to ‘COMMENT’ ratio here on Facebook for most folks is by far HUGELY DIFFERENT!

If your going to take the time to click the ‘Like’ button and not ‘Comment’, does that mean your just clicking the like button and don’t have much to say about it, or are you shy, or just have a twitchy finger that clicks LIKE buttons.

I especially noticed this on Facebook and Youtube.

Honestly, i would like to see a site structure that if your going to LIKE something you have to comment. Believe me the person writing that vlog or shooting that video appreciates your like but hearing some feedback or encouragement makes a HUGE difference. Remember a LITTLE love goes a LONG way.

Do you believe most folks that like a status are afraid to comment or what? WHAT’s THE DEAL HOMEBOYS& GIRLS?

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