So the New iPhone 5 has been officially released today, Thursday September 21, 2012. Folks everywhere, I’m sure, are going nuts to get their phone today. Well, the crazy-apple-obsessed-got-to-have-it -now-folks, are the ones going nuts.

I live in New York City. The “city that NEVER sleeps”. I was walking past the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave. two days ago and folks were already camping out in preparation to be one of the first to get the new iPhone 5. The PRESS was everywhere. It’s like a WAR ZONE.  It’s no wonder why Apple saves so much advertising dollars. The word of mouth is EXTRAORDINARY!

These folks look like total ‘PROFESSIONAL’ line waiters. The ones that get in line first to get concert tickets, iphones, book signings, and more. Kudos to them for their dedication and lack of showering for a couple days. Guess you get used to your own FUNKY smells after enough practice.

These folks were in line at the flagship Apple store on 5th Ave. in New York City TWO DAYS before the release of the new phone.

Apple really does have a KULT following. I have to admit I am a HUGE apple supporter and I use just about everything MAC. I’m not going to lie, I pre-ordered my iphone 5 the first day. I was eligible for an upgrade on my phone so why not. Since I’m a HUGE VLOGGER, having the full frontal HD camera and super fast LTE service is what got me on board right off the back.

Looking forward to getting my iPhone 5 later on today. I’m getting it in white! So excited. No lines and delivered to my doorstep. Wow, I feel like VIP for the first time. Teehee!

I plan on playing around with the iPhone 5 and REALLY digging into the hype of this phone to see if it was just that, HYPE.

I’ll be writing a BRUTALLY HONEST review on the phone in about a week or so.

What do you think about all this iPhone 5 hype? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to see what you think.


This is just a quick blog that I wanted to get your opinion on what I notice about Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube.

I notice the ‘LIKE’ Status ratio to ‘COMMENT’ ratio here on Facebook for most folks is by far HUGELY DIFFERENT!

If your going to take the time to click the ‘Like’ button and not ‘Comment’, does that mean your just clicking the like button and don’t have much to say about it, or are you shy, or just have a twitchy finger that clicks LIKE buttons.

I especially noticed this on Facebook and Youtube.

Honestly, i would like to see a site structure that if your going to LIKE something you have to comment. Believe me the person writing that vlog or shooting that video appreciates your like but hearing some feedback or encouragement makes a HUGE difference. Remember a LITTLE love goes a LONG way.

Do you believe most folks that like a status are afraid to comment or what? WHAT’s THE DEAL HOMEBOYS& GIRLS?


I recently thought of an idea to find out what inspires our Pre-Teens eye for fashion. It’s random I know, but it was on my mind and know it’s on the mind of other’s and if it’s not, then now it is if your reading this. LOL!

Let’s face it, some of those pre-tee girls can dress better than you, me, and half the adults on this planet. It’s like they take as much pride in how they dress as they do in the grades they should be getting in school. Maybe it’s a fight for popularity.  Maybe it’s the fact that there is so much style to choose from. Whatever the case may be ,THEY HAVE STYLE!

I spoke with a Young Pre-teen about what inspires her fashion, where she shops, and her favorite time of the year.

Out of respect for her, and also the fact that she is only 11 years old, I’m leaving her name out of this. Let’s just call her, Jamie the Fashionista.

So I asked Jamie The Fashionista the following

RoyalTee: “Where do you and your friends like to shop for your attire?”

JamieTheFashionista: “I Love shopping at Delia’s, Macy’s, Justice, and Lesters. I love Delia’s because it has all kinds of inspiration and things to chose, from shirts, to shoes, to sneakers, to accessories all in arms length. I do like the bigger stores but Delia’s takes the pressure off of having to go all over the place for the perfect outfit and accessories.

RoyalTee: “What inspires your fashion?

JamieTheFashionista: There’s two magazines that not only have the latest in gossip but they give me head up on what’s good in fashion today. They are GL and M Magazine. Not to mention the catalogs I get from Delia’s and some of the other small Mall Stores. I do like the fashion style of two TV shows that I watch. The two stars of ‘Shake It Up’, Bella Thorne, and Zendaya, not to mention the star of the show ‘Jesse’, Debby Ryan.

RoyalTee: “Are the clothes expensive?”

JamieTheFashionista: “They can be. My mom tends to help me find what I want at a good price. Sometimes she just gets it because I really want it. It’s great to be 11! ”

RoyalTee: “Mmm, hmmm, it sure sounds like it! LOL!”

RoyalTee: “So do you prefer the fashion of SUMMER, SPRING, FALL, or WINTER?”

JamieTheFashionista: “It is definitely a tie between Summer and Fall Fashion! In the summer, I can wear almost anything and I love white an bright colors, In the fall, bright colors and the types of shoes and boots I can wear, goes with some of the coolest jeans and tops that I have. I couldn’t wear in the summer because it’s too hot.

Jamie the Fashionista said to me  a few  major part of a Pre Teens wardrobe , at least her and her friends wardrobe are

Super Cute Graphic Tees, Dresses, Shoes, Boots and of course Skinny Jeans! 

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Thanks JamieTheFashionista for taking the time to not only let me interview you but making me look a homeless person standing next to you. I was dressed in my cargo pants, Nyan Cat T-shirt and my plain boring sandals.  ENOUGH SAID!