Fall BACK to the 90’s GRUNGE Fashion 2012

I sort of adopt my own style. I tend to see what’s hot and coming and blend it with some items of the past to make it a style of my own.

I tend to gravitate more towards the GRUNGE of the 90’s. That because I’m a product of the 90’s.

Here are just a few of my upcoming ROYALTEE’s FALL 2012 FASHION LOOKS and ideas.

I’m definitely a rocker chick but I LOVE fashion of my own flavor. Besides it seems the trends of the 90’s on back, are making there way into the present and will continue into the  future.

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Back To The Future Fashion

Summer, Fashion, and Trends.

Now I love fashion as much as the next Fashionista. The only thing is I’m not too hard core on what’s the latest trends. I have to say some of the LATEST trends are not my cup of TEE.

I do like to mix and match the new with the old sometimes.  I guess it really all comes down to how I’m feeling about my body that week.

I was at H&M the other day and I LOVE H&M! Initially, I was just going in for some accessories. There’s just something about the layout of H&M that just gets you hooked on buying more than you plan on buying. It’s sort of like doing your grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

So anyway I bought these really cute colorful shorts and this SEXY throwback to the 60’s bathing suit above.

The funny thing is I didn’t get the accessories I went in to get. Oh well. I’m going back next week.  Let’s see what happens then.

The US Women’s Gymnastics Team Clinch The Gold Medal And Then Try To Eat It

For the first time since 1996, the US Women have won the gymnastics team gold.

OMG, I watched this as if I were one of the parents of TeamUSA in the audience. Just as tense and nervous. The US team made the night look so easy.

After watching the Russian team struggle a bit in their later apparatuses, I just knew that TEAM USA was SET FOR THE GOLD.

I love watching Gymnastics. Both Men’s and Women’s!
WAY TO GO TEAM USA! They looked amazing and they represented the USA well.

Although they finished strong the tension was still there until the scores were put up on the scoreboard: A very nervous USA TEAM HERE: It’s like those cliffhangers in movies that just make your heart go CRAZY!


It looks like their eating a Giant Cookie!

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