Photographic Memories

It’s amazing what these new apps can do for a person these days

I wanted to try sharing with you apart of my life without having to write it. Just let those beautiful things called imaginations run wild. I must say my days are pretty hectic and there’s a so much on my plate on a daily basis but if I want to be successful then I have to keep at it, giving 150%.

I found this app called PicPlayPost. It gives you so many avenues for creating a visual story. I LOVE this app.  If you have an iphone, or ipad and just adore taking photos and creating visual art, then you should get this app. Get PicPlayPost for iPhone/iPad!

So I put together some photos that are apart of my everyday life. Sooo….tell me a story behind these photos?

Epic Photo Faces Pt. 2

Now you know we make some seriously awful faces in photos at times. I think the worse are those Driver’s License photos. For some reason it just seems DMV’s just automatically want to capture the mug shot aspect of our faces.

This video is HILARIOUS! I make some pretty CRAZY faces in this collaboration. Thanks Kev for the collaboration

Stop by JustKevYTP Youtube Channel and check out his Videos. He pretty darn funny!


Just a little something I put together for Friday the 13th. Comment and for more funny videos subscribe to my youtube channel