Pay For Twitter…….WHAT?

Sina Weibo, China’s biggest Twitter-like microblogging platform, has introduced a membership charge for premium features.   

Weibo users can pay 10 yuan – or about $1.57 USD – per month to access things like a more personalized profile page, voice-enabled posts and higher levels of security. Taking them to VIP Status. Sounds reasonable. For now! Until they find a way to incorporate that strategy into the getting everyone on their “PAY PLAN!”  Analysts called it a “bold move”, adding Twitter was unlikely to follow.

I’m hoping that if Twitter’s Key People, Dick Costolo (CEO), Jack Dorsey(Executive Chairman), Evan Williams (Director), & Biz Stone(Creative director), which by the way are all guys, consider this option, they do it thinking of the best interest of the people using twitter and not the “who has the bigger balls syndrome.”

Anywhoo! The real question.  Would this VIP and premium service plan work for twitter?

Being able to personalize your page, perhaps pay for the little blue Verified icon for your page or any of the other 15 added VIP features that Sina Weibo is adding, according to the Tech in Asia blog, might not be such a bad idea for those ‘big dog’ power player’ twitter users.

Now for the REGULAR users such as myself, I don’t think I would take it to kindly if you started charging me for something that you offered to me for free, FOR SO LONG. Even if the company were to offer dozens of features to its VIP users, it’s highly doubtful that this approach would 1) sit well with the regular twitter users community 2) bring in enough revenue to make it worthwhile.

I could be by myself on this one and you might not have an issue paying for twitter. With that said, what it really all boils down to in a nut shell: would you pay to access VIP and premium features on Twitter? Let me know in the comment section below.

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