Daddy’s Special Day (Happy Father’s Day)

Gorgeous photo by the lovely Amy Locurto


Any man can help make a baby, but it takes a real man to be a Dad.

For all the dads out there today, I wish you a very warm and thoughtful day full of the love and appreciation from your sons and daughters. Even though today is a special holiday just for Dad’s where you make him feel that much more special, give him those your an awesome Daddy appreciation moments through out the year.

I really didn’t have a relationship with my father until recently and I realized that not holding a grudge and having animosity towards him  for not being there was the best move ever. I decided to just have a sit down and openly talk about how I was feeling and why he wasn’t around. Let’s just say, today we have a better relationship.

Dad’s, enjoy your awesome holiday with you children. We appreciate you and all you’ve done.


Photo Credit:

Amy Locurto

Stop by and check out her amazing website. She has a great collection of printables, party ideas and more

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