The INFAMOUS Cinnamon Challenge! OH NO!!!!

So after seeing numerous folks on YouTube take the Infamous Cinnamon Challenge and FAIL, I still didn’t believe it was as hard all those folks made it seem. They were laughing at the end and some of them even looked as if they staged it. Well…… let me tell you that it is simply impossible to do this challenge successfully.

I found a site called to find out the official rules for this challenge.

You have one minute to put a tablespoon of Cinnamon in your mouth and swallow it without letting any come out. I LOVE Cinnamon and was hoping I would be the magical unicorn to successfully complete this challenge. O to the M to the G…OMG it was DISGUSTING and I felt as if I was going to die. Not literally but the feeling is just down right ICKY!

I wonder who truly came up with this idea. I mean he/she must have been sitting around and attempting wannabe JACKASS ideas to do and came up with this. It worked and now I am officially one of those JACKASS(es).

It was fun and I just had to do it. YOLO – WTF…I just hate that word now.

Of course being the comedic/Geek that I am I had to put a little skit behind this video to make it different and fun but boy was I in for a beating by CINNAMON!

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