“I just love the way that dress looks on you!” “Your such an amazing person and I want you to know, that I consider you my good friend.”  “I just love that hair style on you!”  “Oh your boyfriend, is so amazing!”

These have to be just a few things many of us have probably heard from friends or so-called friends at some point or another. If you haven’t your either a loner and don’t have friends, have very few friends, or just VERY picky about who you call a friend.

So- Called Friends!

Some friends, that say they’re your good friends, seems to only be around when it’s time to go out or they want something. Any other time, it’s like their hibernating bears. No where to be found.  It can be really hard to just get the truth about how some friends really feel about you.  That is until they have enough truth serum.

So what is the truth serum. It’s ALCOHOL, BOOZE, COCKTAILS.

Give that friend or so-called friend a couple of cosmopolitans, or couple of happy hour beers, or several glasses of wine, and you got your self a truth serum conversation. You might be able to ask or have them do just about anything you want them to do. Ask the questions you have doubts about and see what answers come out of their mouth.

It really sucks that we have to resort to such measures, but we are living in a jungle, so it’s always better to be prepared to survive.

Now don’t get them hammered,  so that they feel as if they’re about to pass out or start slurring their words. It defeats the whole purpose.

I recognize that some parts of the world, having shady friends might not ever occur. Namely because you don’t have any, or aren’t allowed to have any. Here in NYC, it’s like The Real Housewives of New Jersey,  so-called friends seem to smile in your face but are ready to stab you in the back as soon as you turn and walk away. Could be jealousy, could be lack of self-esteem or it could just be down right evil.

Teresa & Melissa  The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Now this truth serum isn’t a studied fact. I have a couple of those so-called friends and boy let me tell you, not knowing causes so much tension and stress which is something we can all do without.  When I went out with those so-called friends and they started drinking and I started asking the right questions, I got the answers I believed were there all along. Let’s just say they are officially chopped from my friend tree.  So what have we learned,  Alcohol mixed with the right questions equals truth serum. Who knew? Now the results aren’t a guaranteed but it worked for me.

Ahhh Truth Serum

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