Hello World! It’s RoyalTee! Who?

So let me introduce myself.

Hi there I’m Tee Medina a.k.a.  RoyalTee from my YouTube Channel ‘RoyalTeeZone‘.  I’m a Vlogger/ Musician/ Front Woman in a Rock band named TANADRA/GEEK/Tecnology LOVER. I’m also pretty outgoing and adventurous.

My YouTube Channel is:


Please stop by and Subscribe to my Channel. I’m 50 50% sure you’ll like my videos.

I take pride in what I write as well as vlog and I understand the need of making sure my blogs are entertaining yet informative. Well at times informative. Sometimes those darn UNICORNS in my head just feel the need to be random, fun, comedic and entertaining. So I go with it. I hope you will too.

If you have Facebook LIKE me there. I am planning on doing contests and giveaways once I build up a decent following.


MY VERY FIRST VLOG: Get to know me! For those that prefer visuals rather than reading. Teehee! 🙂


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