Pay For Twitter…….WHAT?

Sina Weibo, China’s biggest Twitter-like microblogging platform, has introduced a membership charge for premium features.   

Weibo users can pay 10 yuan – or about $1.57 USD – per month to access things like a more personalized profile page, voice-enabled posts and higher levels of security. Taking them to VIP Status. Sounds reasonable. For now! Until they find a way to incorporate that strategy into the getting everyone on their “PAY PLAN!”  Analysts called it a “bold move”, adding Twitter was unlikely to follow.

I’m hoping that if Twitter’s Key People, Dick Costolo (CEO), Jack Dorsey(Executive Chairman), Evan Williams (Director), & Biz Stone(Creative director), which by the way are all guys, consider this option, they do it thinking of the best interest of the people using twitter and not the “who has the bigger balls syndrome.”

Anywhoo! The real question.  Would this VIP and premium service plan work for twitter?

Being able to personalize your page, perhaps pay for the little blue Verified icon for your page or any of the other 15 added VIP features that Sina Weibo is adding, according to the Tech in Asia blog, might not be such a bad idea for those ‘big dog’ power player’ twitter users.

Now for the REGULAR users such as myself, I don’t think I would take it to kindly if you started charging me for something that you offered to me for free, FOR SO LONG. Even if the company were to offer dozens of features to its VIP users, it’s highly doubtful that this approach would 1) sit well with the regular twitter users community 2) bring in enough revenue to make it worthwhile.

I could be by myself on this one and you might not have an issue paying for twitter. With that said, what it really all boils down to in a nut shell: would you pay to access VIP and premium features on Twitter? Let me know in the comment section below.

SummerTime Turn-Offs ( For the Ladies)

Summer time is right around the corner and ready to EXPLODE all over my body! YEAH!  It’s my favorite time of the year. Hell, it’s a favorite time of the year for many of us.  Whether, it’s because we are on a two month vacation from books, homework, and tests. Hanging out with friends into the wee hours of the night because we don’t have to get up EARLY for school. Hanging out with our friends and traveling to vacation spots.  Being able to wear less clothing to show off our (Check out my, I work out like a real meat head) body, and for those that are single, the awesome summer flings.

Summertime is HOT!

Now in order to have a memorable exciting summer,  one that’s going to bring really cool stories to talk about or add to your journals, you need to pay attention to a few things. I’m specifically directing this at the FELLAS, the CHICOS, THE STUD MUFFINS, GUYS!

Don’t worry Summer Time Turn-Offs (For the Guys) is coming next.

Pay attention fellas this could make or break your summer.

I’ve laid out a few things that are HUGE turn-offs to the ladies.

1. Beware of the Farmer’s Tan

You know where your tanned only from the elbows down to the wrists, or just your neck, or your face, except right around where your sunglasses were blocking the sun. Especially, the wife beater t-shirt tan. Ewww! Now I don’t know where they get the name “wife beater t-shirt” from oh wait………

MUG SHOT:King of the Wife Beaters club! Hhe’s got a wife beater t-shirt farmers tan to prove it!

Nothing says ‘I’m the king of the KICK THE SH*T out of my WIFE BEATER T-Shirt’ club than this guy.  I really hope his cellmate is named BUBBA and he’s made this guy his personal PRIORITY if you know what I mean!


Stop being lazy on your work outs at the gym fellas. You shouldn’t neglect those legs. YES, we do  notice. So if you think that we don’t notice, WE DO!

Mr. Incredible: The American Spoon idol! 


You know what this looks like to us.  It looks like your upper body is rough and tough and sexy but your lower body, those legs, looks like a 16 year old girl.  Gross and it can’t be good on the knees.Teehee!!


Please make sure to WAX or SHAVE that back if you look like your piggy backing MR. Sasquatch back there and planning on wearing anything back revealing.

Two words – LAWN MOWER!

Nothing says  I’m a REAL TROLL than a shaggy carpet on your back!


Guys if your a sweater and you plan on meeting a future girlfriend or a summer fling , or just meeting the ladies in general, then make sure you wear a dark colored shirt when going out with friends to the bar or club. So you don’t have the Atlantic Ocean World Map all over your back or armpits.  If you REALLY have to wear a light colored shirt then go get yourself a box of ladies tampons and stick them right under your arms! Get the extra absorbant.  So you don’t look like this guy……


ENOUGH SAID!! Notice  how the visible back sweater is standing all by his lonesome!

So what turns you off in the summer about a man/woman?

What turns you on in the summer about man/woman

Let me know in the comments below.

Daddy’s Special Day (Happy Father’s Day)

Gorgeous photo by the lovely Amy Locurto


Any man can help make a baby, but it takes a real man to be a Dad.

For all the dads out there today, I wish you a very warm and thoughtful day full of the love and appreciation from your sons and daughters. Even though today is a special holiday just for Dad’s where you make him feel that much more special, give him those your an awesome Daddy appreciation moments through out the year.

I really didn’t have a relationship with my father until recently and I realized that not holding a grudge and having animosity towards him  for not being there was the best move ever. I decided to just have a sit down and openly talk about how I was feeling and why he wasn’t around. Let’s just say, today we have a better relationship.

Dad’s, enjoy your awesome holiday with you children. We appreciate you and all you’ve done.


Photo Credit:

Amy Locurto

Stop by and check out her amazing website. She has a great collection of printables, party ideas and more

Summertime Mini Music Playlist

For some reason music has it’s seasonal moments just like…well….the four seasons.

I’ve devised a RoyalTee’s Mini Summer Playlist. My taste is so broad I probably have something for everyone in my mini list.  I’ve even added music from my band TANADRA. It’s only right! 🙂

Hope you enjoy and please if you have songs that seem to be on a heavier rotation on your player in the summer, share it! Sharing is caring. Oh yes,  the first song on the play is my band’s latest release.

I’ve added a YouTube video of the audio of ‘Release You’ below.

Mini List from the Spotify Playlist -You’ll have to add Spotify to play this list. Click the List to Listen.

Summer Fling Outifits

Summer is close at hand.

You know what that means.  No school,  beaches, water fights,  ,tank tops flip flops. Lemonade, sunglasses, taking tons of pictures. Late nights, bikinis, pool parties,  barbeques, blue skies hot guys, hot girls, concerts. Phew, the list can go on and on. Oh yeah, let’s not forget summer romances or the grittier name for it FLINGS.


Make it count! Let’s face it, summer is close at hand and if your not in love with someone special, then what the heck, stay free for the summer and have some fun.  Come on ladies,  you know that summer flings are always in the back of a single ladies mind. We certainly know that the guys are always thinking of who they plan on “Flinging” up with this summer.


I’ve found a few outfits that are definitely in style for this summer and are certainly good ways to not only hel you feel great about you but they could also help in lining up those summer boymances…haha…new summer word..BOY-Mances


“Love is way more fun when it’s in the sun! Happy Flinging!



Daytime Gorgeousness- The only thing that needs to change with this outfit is that phone! Make it an iPhone!









Now with these outfits the ideas are in place. If going for these exact looks is out of the budget then of course there are MANY shops that have the very same ideas here but are more friendly on the pockets and still makes you easy on the eye.( Macy’s, Mandees, Joyce Leslie, Abercrombie and Fitch)



The INFAMOUS Cinnamon Challenge! OH NO!!!!

So after seeing numerous folks on YouTube take the Infamous Cinnamon Challenge and FAIL, I still didn’t believe it was as hard all those folks made it seem. They were laughing at the end and some of them even looked as if they staged it. Well…… let me tell you that it is simply impossible to do this challenge successfully.

I found a site called to find out the official rules for this challenge.

You have one minute to put a tablespoon of Cinnamon in your mouth and swallow it without letting any come out. I LOVE Cinnamon and was hoping I would be the magical unicorn to successfully complete this challenge. O to the M to the G…OMG it was DISGUSTING and I felt as if I was going to die. Not literally but the feeling is just down right ICKY!

I wonder who truly came up with this idea. I mean he/she must have been sitting around and attempting wannabe JACKASS ideas to do and came up with this. It worked and now I am officially one of those JACKASS(es).

It was fun and I just had to do it. YOLO – WTF…I just hate that word now.

Of course being the comedic/Geek that I am I had to put a little skit behind this video to make it different and fun but boy was I in for a beating by CINNAMON!